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About us

Our founder and design director Kyara Coakes marries her professional exposure of over a decade to Sydney’s real estate market with academic qualifications and international experience in interior design to appeal to more buyers. Unlike many stylists who will cut costs on critical elements like exquisite high end furniture, Kyara’s connections ensure the finest designer household assets are strategically placed to enrich your home’s appearance without the added expense. Her knowledge of how buyers flow through the space guides Kyara to spatially plan each area of the home perfectly which has repeatedly led to sale prices outperforming expectations.




Our team selects individual pieces of furniture and artwork with your buyer demographic in mind, highlighting areas of value and masking any distractions. Uniquely, we have monitored buyer behaviour and responses to our styled homes to register reactions to trends, styles, and overall perception of a property. It is not about filling the space with furniture, property styling has become a sophisticated science for influencing buyer psychology ensuring your property outshines comparable listings.

Kyara and her team’s unbeatable expertise and service has seen them present over 5,000 Sydney properties to the market. The proof isn’t just in the presentation, it’s in the sale price.

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